Poem about Being Free to Fly

Hold Me Close


Hold me close, don’t let me go.

Support me, help me to grow.

Help me find my wings to fly,

To see clouds from way up high.


Hold me close, don’t let me go,

Not too tight, it hurts me so.

My wings are cut, set me free.

Need to see what I can be.


Hold me close, but let me go.

I need to fly, to and fro.

Hold me tight, with open hand.

Back to you, I’m sure to land

–                              – June Nash

3 responses to “Poem about Being Free to Fly”

  1. Kavish Vather Avatar
    Kavish Vather

    Nice one.


    1. gigglinggranny Avatar

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I visited your blog also. I like your poetry.


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