Poem about Seeking Balance


We only find what we are looking for,

If that is evil we need look no more.

As I was walking down this street of mine,

Noticed ants walking in a straight line.

This is change of focus from what it’s been,

Of seeking threats, wary of devils den.


These ants, nature, an interesting lot.

How to look at earth’s heart,  almost forgot.

Started noticing a wee little fly,

Worries starting to drift, passing me by.

Mind drifts to birds, flowers, a blade of grass.

As attention wanders, no longer crass.


Then realization suddenly dawned.

This bad luck, upon me, recently spawned,

Is worse due to focusing on the bad.

This path I’m on, surely will make me mad.

Need to set focus upon which is good.

Let life be lived, in balance, as it should.


Life is mixture.  Good, bad, has no border.

Must seek to put all in proper order.

Good times need to lessen effects of bad,

If cloud’s silver lining is to be had.

Must open eyes to hope, as well as mind,

To the occasional joys we can find.

–                                   – June Nash

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