Poem about being a loner II

Friendless Not


All alone, but friendless not.

Not alone, myself I’ve got.

In pursuit of self employ.

Doing the things I enjoy.


Once was bothered, had no friends.

Tried impress, did backward bends.

Wanted to find a friend best.

None I met, withstood the test.


Found people a selfish lot.

To their own ends they will plot.

I, also, consumed with me.

Took long time for this to see.


Self no longer try to fight.

Embracing self, I take flight.

Lost need to gather others,

Listening to their druthers.


Now I listen to myself.

Take my passions off the shelf.

Made a list of what I’d want.

Now pursue them with gallant.

–                        – June Nash

This poem was inspired by meandmyrandombrain’s blog entry.  They were kind enough to enjoy my poem About Being A Loner.

I thought. . . . being a loner isn’t all that bad. . .if you have, and like, yourself. . . then came up with this poem.  I want to thank them for the inspiration.

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