Poem: A Bully’s Plea

A Bully’s Plea

Bullies are people too

Looking for help from you

They don’t know how to ask

Instead. . . they kick your ass


Attention now is found

Let’s go another round

Your too pretty, or smart

Your fault this trouble start


If you’d only listened

Instead you had questioned

Fighting is not intent

Before could stop fist sent


Understanding I seek

Give me my way you freak!

Pow! Frustrations released

Un-quietude decreased


I don’t want to hurt you

Don’t you know I had to?

If you only listened

Instead you had questioned

June Nash

Poem: Tragedy of Life

Self Portrait
Digital Self Portrait, using SketchBookExpress

Tragedy of Life

Persecution keeps him down

As world treats him like a clown

Racial slurs pass through his lips

Fed by sweet hatred he sips

Feels entitled, needs relief

More is owed, that’s his belief

Declares burden too heavy

Attacks others with levy


Damnations placed on others

Not really meant for brothers

His own self, hatred is for

He thought, by now, he’d be more

Conquer curse of nay sayer

Keeping up as bill payer

Tragedy called life ensued

Now to the gutter, remains glued

June Nash

This poem was inspired by a character in a play I saw.  Hamtown Races, by Margaret Edwartowski was an excellent play.  If you ever have the opportunity to see it, I would recommend that you do. 

Poem about being a loner II

Friendless Not


All alone, but friendless not.

Not alone, myself I’ve got.

In pursuit of self employ.

Doing the things I enjoy.


Once was bothered, had no friends.

Tried impress, did backward bends.

Wanted to find a friend best.

None I met, withstood the test.


Found people a selfish lot.

To their own ends they will plot.

I, also, consumed with me.

Took long time for this to see.


Self no longer try to fight.

Embracing self, I take flight.

Lost need to gather others,

Listening to their druthers.


Now I listen to myself.

Take my passions off the shelf.

Made a list of what I’d want.

Now pursue them with gallant.

–                        – June Nash

This poem was inspired by meandmyrandombrain’s blog entry.  They were kind enough to enjoy my poem About Being A Loner.

I thought. . . . being a loner isn’t all that bad. . .if you have, and like, yourself. . . then came up with this poem.  I want to thank them for the inspiration.

Poem about Being a Loner

Solitary Life


Solitaire, a game for one.

My friends say, ‘you are no fun’.

I’m engaged, watching TV,

Reading books which set me free.


Solitaire, a game I’ve won.

Just imagine things I’ve done.

Closed inside, all by myself,

Like my books upon the shelf.


Solitaire, friends I have none,

Off together, me they shun.

Abandoned to my private,

Deep and dark, lonesome orbit.

–                        – June Nash

Socially Stunted- Poem

Do you know of anyone who is lacking social graces?  Someone who is difficult to be around?  When you graciously try to lead them to meet others so that you aren’t their only friend, they shun the idea because they don’t like those people.

Socially Stunted


People don’t like me I don’t know why.

I’m so desperate, I try and try.

They seem, to me, so mean.

They openly yawn or turn away.

People don’t hear what I have to say.

Told in detail I mean.


I sneeze, I wipe, I don’t understand.

They pull away as I reach out hand.

It’s clean, wiped it on blue jean.


When I visit, if get there at five,

I get to dine after I arrive.

Better timing not seen.


My family says that I should befriend

The lonely girl who lives ‘round the bend.

On that idea not keen.


Not me I said, not me I grunted.

Befriend her?  She’s Socially stunted!

–              – June Nash