Poem about Mom

Best Friends


Best Friend, that would be my mom.

She’d be there, to her I’d glom.

Listening close, felt my pain.

Showed me rainbow, when it’d rain.

All that’s left, a memory.

She, no longer, here for me.


Best Friend to hear my trials.

Set me straight on my denials.

A companion at my meals,

Or assist in making deals.

Need someone to hear me cry.

To my mother, said goodbye.

Best Friend, who knows me so well,

Give me boost, make my head swell.

Love same foods, have same pursuits,

Know same people, have same roots.

Best Friend, wish I had me one.

We’d laugh, cry, it’d be such fun!


Best Friend, dream for children.

As we age, our needs broaden.

One person, can’t fill our need.

Hearts need more than one can feed.

When our time with mother ends,

Void filled with lots of best friends.

–                                   – June Nash

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