Poem: Sage Advice


Sage Advice

Knew a farmer, sad and blue,

“House is too small.” he did stew.


From a passerby was found

Sage advice that was quite sound.


Take in barn animals all,

Until your house feels quite small.


Keep house like this for a spell,

All dirty, with a bad smell.


When you can take it no more,

Then send them all out the door.


Spacious and clean it will seem

Such a cleaver little scheme.

 June Nash

I don’t feel that my house is too small, but I have been feeling that there is too much work to do.  Then. . . I was asked to help others with some of their tasks.   I readily agreed, but found that I had to be twice as organized in order to get everything done.  Some things got put aside.  These tasks are now dwindling to a stop and it made me remember a story I was told when a school girl.   It had the same gist as the poem above.

BTW, I am not feeling over worked anymore.  Nothing like a truly hectic schedule to put everything in perspective.   

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