Poem: Wrapped In Worries


Wrapped In Worries

by June Nash


Woke up today

wrapped in you

Your problems, hurts

and pains too

I do not mind

truly don’t

But I can’t help

it’s not won’t


You’re wrapped up in 

others too

Their needs, deeds, and 

want to dos

Time to think now

of yourself

Before you waste 

your good health


It’s not the time 

that is spent

That makes me feel 

late on rent

It’s the worry 

I embrace

Watching the qualms

that you face


You worry too

fret and cry

About those who 

never try

Those who let you 

be their crutch

They will leave you 

without much


So I’ll lend to you

caring ears

Even share in

salty tears

I won’t take your 

worries though

Cannot let you 

steal my glow

Poem: Reposted, An old favorite, Helping Others

Helping Others In Need


Task to do, not my own.

For good deed, will atone.

Put aside, time, effort,

With goal to help, purport.


Own work oft neglected.

Such a chore selected!

Do your job, and my own.

Now all mine, in my zone.

Think positive, frown free

Deed not force upon me

Help, sincerely given

This help is called livin’


Every week will set time.

Do this task, without whine.

Maybe this will help serve,

Strong habits, instill verve.


Helping out, is my goal

Make your hurt bearable

You are tired, sick, hurt

From duties, you not shirk.


Step in to ease your grief

Step in, my actions brief.

Things I do, do with zeal

Do these things, let you heal.

 –                          – June Nash

I am reposting some of my favorite poems.  I have written over 200 poems.  I am taking some time to reflect on them.  My goal was to write 300 poems.  I have been writing this blog for over a year and am two thirds of the way there.   I’m taking a break from writing every week.  I will repost my favorites and continue to add  new ones here and there.

Poem about Being Used

On You Rely

Do you have time?

I say, ‘Yes, fine’.

Put off my task

Because you ask

Buried in trash

My ‘Yes’ too rash

You are now free

To do as see

I’m here alone

your errand drone


Need to stop trend

Go out with friend

Need second look

Maybe read book

Take care of house

Buy a new blouse

Ply at hobby

Perhaps lobby

Pursue interest

Become the best


Consumed with fear

You not come near

Afraid you hurt

If aid I skirt

I cannot give

My life must live

Help I do need

To you I plead

On you rely

What’s your reply?

 June Nash

Have you ever been asked to loan money or time, just to find that the requestor didn’t really need it?  

They had money to buy a frivolous item you would have liked to buy yourself, but didn’t.  

They had time, since you gave them yours, to do the very things you put off doing, so you could help them out.  

Should you ask for help in return?   

Poem about Being Alone


Always alone, but not really.

Feels so, but I’m being silly.

Surrounded always, by close friends,

And family. But me, who tends?


I am the rock, always steady

To give a hand, always ready.

Never cause worry in others

Listen to their problems, druthers.


They say I’m strong, never worry

That I’ll survive.  To me, blurry.

No one there, upon which to lean.

To expect such, is it so mean?


Not mean, such yearning isn’t cruel.

Imposing maybe, changing rule.

Asking for help, not in make up.

Should learn, be something I take up?


Not want to be told what to do

Just a friend to tell troubles to.

Someone, tell me I’m doing it right,

So I can rest peaceful at night.

June Nash

I believe we are all alone, everyone of us.  We all make decisions that affect our lives.  Delegating to others, the decision process, is also our own choice.  A choice I am not willing to take.  I want to be an active participant in my own life.  The price to pay for this, sometimes, is the feeling of being alone in the world.  

I am not alone, but. . . . 

Poem; The Drip Drip of A Leaky Roof

Leaky Roof

Drip, Drip, water drops on my bed.

Drip, Drip, exploding in my head.

Roof sprung leak, sometime in the night.

Can’t rest, supposed damage gives fright.


Need fix, or will only get worse.

Hope repairs will not lighten purse.

Friend I told gave me a number,

Told me call, man is a wonder.


Unsure, had referrals before,

Wary of one looking to score.

Hiring workmen leaves me tense.

Glad gave in to friends insistence.


Roof was repaired very same day.

Asked kind sir “How much do I pay?”

Only charged a nickel, that’s five,

Gave twenty, Samaritans survive!

June Nash

I went into my bedroom to prepare for a restful nights sleep.  The ceiling fan was spinning.  I felt drops of water, like it was raining!  It doesn’t rain indoors, or at least it isn’t supposed to!  My roof was leaking!  I didn’t do anything that night.  Slept on the dry side of the bed in a fitful sleep about my Leaky Roof.