Poem about Life’s Paths

Burn New Path

Choose, you must, which way to turn.

Though sometimes path causes burn.

Turn back? Redo? Reverse curse?

Or stop afraid, wound to nurse?

Cannot undo what is done.

Must continue on path spun.

More forks are in road to pick,

Which one to take is the trick.

Neither path is good nor bad.

Made the best of what you had.

From bad choices wisdom earned.

Heed from experience learned.

Focus too, on good that came.

Positives burned in that flame.

Moving forward must take heed,

Life’s tests, new path, will feed.

When you stop along the trail.

If you quit, that’s when you fail.

Fail to find what’s round the bend.

When you quit, it is life’s end.

June Nash


Do you ever think about what life would have been like if you took a different path?  Or do you realize that you still have a choice when moving forward?  Learning from the past, both good and bad, and cutting a new path through life.  Life is a journey of many paths.  Are you one who will choose to move forward?  Or will you stop, sitting in the road, unmoving,  looking over the paths you already crossed?

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