Poem: Too Late, Mommy’s Gone

This photo is from the Weekly Writing Challenge. What does this photo say to you?

Too Late, Mommy’s Gone

Mommy’s gone, not coming home.

Off to church, us three alone.

Mommy said, need to be brave.

Care for papa, and behave.

Mommy’s in a better place.

Angels will, her pain, erase.

Daddy says at church must pray.

Too late now, she’s gone away.

June Nash

I subscribe to the Weekly Writing Challenge.  I don’t always participate. Today, the challenge was quite easy.  I just let my imagination flow.  The challenge was to write a story about the picture that they showed you.  

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Word

Poem about Listening To Our Bodies

Body Speaks

Body’s speaking all the time

Do we listen to it’s rhyme?

When we hear, do we take heed

Of things our body has need?


Starts off simple, feeling weak

When too many sweets we sneak.

Advances to an ache, pain,

Resulting from weight we gain.


Body spoke, do not complain

Could used umbrella ‘fore rain.

Use elevator, not stair,

Take pill, get auto lift chair.


Stop talking!  Body I bade!

Vision of health starts to fade.

When ears fail body stays loud

Then silence. . . as rest in shroud

 June Nash

Are you in tuned to your body’s language?  When you hear, do you heed?  

I have been guilty of ignoring my body’s messages through the years.  I am listening now.  Is it too late?  It is harder now.  

Poem about Self Pity-Physical Pain




Waiting for death to knock on your door.

I know you’re in pain, pain you abhor.

Why not try?  Only a bone you break,

Not invalid, your own fate you make.


You disgust me, your habits are foul,

For self do not strive, not try at all.

Will not get up, therapy refused.

This self pity act, is not excused.


Know you’re in pain, but you must endure.

Without effort, there will be no cure.

You are not only one suffering.

To those who love you, also pain bring.

June Nash

Poem about Life’s Paths

Burn New Path

Choose, you must, which way to turn.

Though sometimes path causes burn.

Turn back? Redo? Reverse curse?

Or stop afraid, wound to nurse?

Cannot undo what is done.

Must continue on path spun.

More forks are in road to pick,

Which one to take is the trick.

Neither path is good nor bad.

Made the best of what you had.

From bad choices wisdom earned.

Heed from experience learned.

Focus too, on good that came.

Positives burned in that flame.

Moving forward must take heed,

Life’s tests, new path, will feed.

When you stop along the trail.

If you quit, that’s when you fail.

Fail to find what’s round the bend.

When you quit, it is life’s end.

June Nash


Do you ever think about what life would have been like if you took a different path?  Or do you realize that you still have a choice when moving forward?  Learning from the past, both good and bad, and cutting a new path through life.  Life is a journey of many paths.  Are you one who will choose to move forward?  Or will you stop, sitting in the road, unmoving,  looking over the paths you already crossed?

Poem: Cataclysmic Pop

Cataclysmic Pop


Running through world as blind

Looking for next great find.

Never stopping to see

Beauty in front of me.


Time it seemed, running out.

Need do it all sans doute.

Dead lines to meet I dread,

Will not complete ‘til dead.


One day, was forced to stop.

Since cataclysmic pop,

Never knew such sweet peace

When worries of death cease.


Time slowed to match my speed.

To inner voice I heed.

Worries of death have passed.

Living full life at last.

–               –      June Nash