Poem: True To Self

True To Self

Start my day with cup of coffee.

Make a list of things that could be.

Checking off items one by one,

Keep working until most are done.


Doing work for personal cause.

Asked to help didn’t stop to pause.

Cause is one that’s close to my heart,

Never stopped once since I had start.


Leaving house in sheer disarray.

Will clean up on less busy day.

Clothes to iron, pile left undone.

Shopping trip, for groceries, not run.


Still felt great when arrived at home.

Great helping others as I roam.

Then received such a sad surprise

Find at home, my family cries.


Feel my time is their right to own.

For offense want me to atone.

They have needs, I must attend them.

 From what place do these thoughts stem?


Must have spent too many long nights

Taking care of family’s plights.

No respect is now my reward.

True to self shouldn’t be this hard.

June Nash

This poem was inspired by another blogger’s, Little Moments of Success, entry, I Have Faith.

2 responses to “Poem: True To Self”

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  2. susieslittleinspirations Avatar

    awwh that is so nice thank you. Far better than anything I have written on my susies little inspirations blog on here. xox


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