Poem; The Drip Drip of A Leaky Roof

Leaky Roof

Drip, Drip, water drops on my bed.

Drip, Drip, exploding in my head.

Roof sprung leak, sometime in the night.

Can’t rest, supposed damage gives fright.


Need fix, or will only get worse.

Hope repairs will not lighten purse.

Friend I told gave me a number,

Told me call, man is a wonder.


Unsure, had referrals before,

Wary of one looking to score.

Hiring workmen leaves me tense.

Glad gave in to friends insistence.


Roof was repaired very same day.

Asked kind sir “How much do I pay?”

Only charged a nickel, that’s five,

Gave twenty, Samaritans survive!

June Nash

I went into my bedroom to prepare for a restful nights sleep.  The ceiling fan was spinning.  I felt drops of water, like it was raining!  It doesn’t rain indoors, or at least it isn’t supposed to!  My roof was leaking!  I didn’t do anything that night.  Slept on the dry side of the bed in a fitful sleep about my Leaky Roof.   

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