Poem about Being Used

On You Rely

Do you have time?

I say, ‘Yes, fine’.

Put off my task

Because you ask

Buried in trash

My ‘Yes’ too rash

You are now free

To do as see

I’m here alone

your errand drone


Need to stop trend

Go out with friend

Need second look

Maybe read book

Take care of house

Buy a new blouse

Ply at hobby

Perhaps lobby

Pursue interest

Become the best


Consumed with fear

You not come near

Afraid you hurt

If aid I skirt

I cannot give

My life must live

Help I do need

To you I plead

On you rely

What’s your reply?

 June Nash

Have you ever been asked to loan money or time, just to find that the requestor didn’t really need it?  

They had money to buy a frivolous item you would have liked to buy yourself, but didn’t.  

They had time, since you gave them yours, to do the very things you put off doing, so you could help them out.  

Should you ask for help in return?   

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