Poem about Loss: Soft Monkey

Self Portrait
Digital Self Portrait, using SketchBookExpress

Soft Monkey

Baboon knocking upon door.

Don’t want him ‘round any more!

Rascal peeking through window.

Sees me anxious, he must know.

Hard time coping, want him near.

Need the comfort he brings here.


With apathy, cast off bane.

He brings relief, yet causes pain.

Maybe could find a new pet.

Mere substitutes so far met.

Others enjoy fox or mink.

Soft monkey fur fits my kink.

Time for leaving, head’s abuzz.

Reminders of what once was.

Cannot forget when he’s near.

Time for leaving, good bye dear.

I’ll be hurting, missing link.

Soft monkey fur fits my kink.

June Nash

I wrote this about my soft addiction.  A soft addiction could be any thing from playing too many computer games, to relationships with people that are not working out.  Either way, you are torn between needing them, and the realization that they are bad for you.

The weekly writing challenge, on WordPress, challenges blog writers to write on a weekly topic.  This poem was originally scheduled for Saturday morning.  I am moving today’s post to Saturday so I can submit this poem, today, to the challenge.  Wish me luck!

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