Poem: Dumb Blonde

Dumb Blonde

by June Nash


Here’s a story of a girl named June

Cute little blonde, a bit late to bloom

Got attention flaunting empty head

Though brain alive, she feigned it was dead


Started quite young, all said it was cute

Made people smile, she thought it a hoot

Dumb blondes aren’t born, they are created

Raised to be cute, later berated


“You are stupid,” several friends would blurt

Though knew not true, left her feelings hurt

Set out to prove that she wasn’t dense

Went back to school, studied for some sense


Years of acting, hard habit to break

Airhead antics, difficult to shake

Path not easy, but got her degree

Thought that enough, but still wasn’t free


Impress her worth on others she tried

Pains unnoticed, in silence she cried

In time she learned that which she needed

Believe in self, care not how treated


Poem: St Nick Stuck

Merry Christmas!  This is my dog Lexie sitting next to my Charlie Brown Christmas tree.
Merry Christmas!
This is my dog Lexie sitting next to my Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

St Nick Stuck

There is an old man named St Nick.

Whose middle has become quite thick.

Down the flue he drops.

Then suddenly stops.

Eat too many cookies you’ll stick.

June Nash

If Santa got stuck in your chimney last night, be a sport and help him out so he can finish his deliveries.

Merry Christmas to All!

Poetry: Energy Wanes, Secret 2

Self Portrait
Digital Self Portrait, using SketchBookExpress

Energy Wanes

I love to work hard

Outside, in the yard.

Not able each day

Not since turning gray.

My energy wanes

Not to mention pains

Must curb exertions

To less excursions.

June Nash

When I was young, I was a fireball of energy.  

I still love working hard.  It makes me feel good.  

But today, . . . I need to pace myself.  

This is part 2 of 7 secrets that I will share with you.

(I know these aren’t earth shattering secrets, but I am a simple woman.)

Poem: Seven Secrets

Self Portrait
Digital Self Portrait, using SketchBookExpress

The Seven Secrets

Seven things about how I feel.

This I never want to reveal.

Even colors, which ones favorite,

I may live later to regret.

This post goes out to many sites,

Even though readership is slight.

To tell the world all my secrets

Would leave me twisted in it’s nets.

Seven things about how I feel,

Well, this is one, and it is real.

June Nash

Thursday’s post was about an award I received.  One of the obligations that came as a result of accepting it, was to reveal 7 things about myself that my readers do not already know.  I did not post this on Thursday.  I ran out of time.   Since this is a poetry blog, I put it in the form of a poem.  Actually it is only one thing about me.  I do not like telling things about me.  Writing poetry is very revealing, but feels less intrusive when it is put into poetic form.  I will publish the other six in future blogs.  So stay tuned!

Do you have issues with revealing things about yourself like I do?  Or am I weird that way?

Poem: Daylight Savings Crime

Self Portrait
Digital Self Portrait, using SketchBookExpress

Daylight Savings Crime

Twice per year we change the time.

This law we have seems a crime.

Internal clocks remain same.

Crazy time practice is blame,

Accidents, at work and home.

As muddle brained people roam.

Foggy brain clouds need to clear.

Lets keep same time the whole year .

June Nash