Poem about Values

Self Portrait
Digital Self Portrait, using SketchBookExpress


Live by our values.

What are these? I muse.

Rules that we live by,

The rules that we choose.


Clergy will tell you

What you aught to do.

But must heed own law

From own points of view.

Live by my values.

Not enough I muse.

I need a purpose,

Without one I’ll lose.


I grab a target.

Something I can get.

Something to aim for.

A goal I will set.


Live by our values.

About this I muse.

We live for our goals

And values we use.

June Nash

Live simple,

Be honest,

Work hard,

Smile, smile a lot!

Exercise, eat right, be a true friend.

These are my values.  I haven’t always been conscious of them.  They were always there, but I would make life choices without paying them any attention.  I didn’t start until I took a class based on the book Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach.  I thought I was taking a class on how to manage my finances.  It ended up being on spending money based on ones values.  

Since then I’ve given a lot of thought to what my values are.  I found it hard to pin point them.  I kept getting my goals mixed up with my values.   In the end, I found I need to live for goals that I set for myself.  I need to accomplish those goals by following my values.  To achieve my goals, without heeding my values, would, for me, not be very satisfying.  

Feel free to state your opinions on this topic.  I would love to discuss them with you.

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