Poem: Too Late, Mommy’s Gone

This photo is from the Weekly Writing Challenge. What does this photo say to you?

Too Late, Mommy’s Gone

Mommy’s gone, not coming home.

Off to church, us three alone.

Mommy said, need to be brave.

Care for papa, and behave.

Mommy’s in a better place.

Angels will, her pain, erase.

Daddy says at church must pray.

Too late now, she’s gone away.

June Nash

I subscribe to the Weekly Writing Challenge.  I don’t always participate. Today, the challenge was quite easy.  I just let my imagination flow.  The challenge was to write a story about the picture that they showed you.  

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Word

4 responses to “Poem: Too Late, Mommy’s Gone”

  1. This is a beautiful (though very sad) poem for the challenge :D


    1. Thanks, I didn’t mean to depress. I agree it is sad, like the faces of those in the photo.


  2. Like the photo, your poem has much too between the lines. I enjoyed reading your entry.


    1. As in life. No one ever knows the whole story. Thanks for the comment.


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