Poem: Seven Secrets

Self Portrait
Digital Self Portrait, using SketchBookExpress

The Seven Secrets

Seven things about how I feel.

This I never want to reveal.

Even colors, which ones favorite,

I may live later to regret.

This post goes out to many sites,

Even though readership is slight.

To tell the world all my secrets

Would leave me twisted in it’s nets.

Seven things about how I feel,

Well, this is one, and it is real.

June Nash

Thursday’s post was about an award I received.  One of the obligations that came as a result of accepting it, was to reveal 7 things about myself that my readers do not already know.  I did not post this on Thursday.  I ran out of time.   Since this is a poetry blog, I put it in the form of a poem.  Actually it is only one thing about me.  I do not like telling things about me.  Writing poetry is very revealing, but feels less intrusive when it is put into poetic form.  I will publish the other six in future blogs.  So stay tuned!

Do you have issues with revealing things about yourself like I do?  Or am I weird that way?

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