Poem: My 2013 Resolution

2013 Resolution

House is full,

just collecting dust.

On things there

that are not a must.

Ten knick knacks

lined along the shelf

“Where’re they from?”

I ask of myself.

Shoes, soles worn,

twenty five years old.

Lots of things

on to which I hold.

I resolve

that this year will be

When I get

less cluttered.  Junk free.

June Nash

6 responses to “Poem: My 2013 Resolution”

  1. I think I’ll add that to my expanding list too.


    1. Just yesterday I found I could not find something I needed. I poured through boxes of stuff in the room. Nothing in it’s proper place. Lots of items I should not be keeping. LOL! I am anxious to start on that room in particular!


      1. Sigh! I can totally relate to this. I plead guilty as charged!


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