Poem: My 2013 Resolution

2013 Resolution

House is full,

just collecting dust.

On things there

that are not a must.

Ten knick knacks

lined along the shelf

“Where’re they from?”

I ask of myself.

Shoes, soles worn,

twenty five years old.

Lots of things

on to which I hold.

I resolve

that this year will be

When I get

less cluttered.  Junk free.

June Nash

Poem: Mishmash



More stuff than could ever need

Constantly add, never cede.

Some which is sentimental,

Others quite accidental.

Amassing more though the years

Until the end of life nears.


When passing, leave to others

To sort and remove clusters

Of collections good and bad.

Sorting through the things you had.

Every family may have one

Heir to keep lodgment begun.


Cycle started years ago.

Once collections start to grow,

Stash in attic, these treasures,

Too valuable for measures.

When kin pass, it starts anew.

How to slow this hoarder’s view.


Whittling down the collection

Making life choice correction

Sometimes forced, because of move.

Or else wants to self improve.

Treasures tend to look like trash

When hidden within mishmash.

–                    – June Nash

Poem on Cleaning up Clutter


Clean up! That’s clutter! Throw in trash!

All night, cannot sleep, toss and thrash.

My treasure of things,

Old trinkets and rings.

Importance to me, more than cash!
–                       – June Nash

I have been so busy lately, my house is a mess!

 The clutter is no longer making room for me.

Have you ever been told by others that you need to just throw things out?

 That your treasures are trash?

My quasi limerick.