Poem on Mornings


Breakfast we eat

Seems like trap

Left feeling beat

Need take a nap


An achy neck

Long day ahead

Oh what the heck

Go back to bed

Drink some coffee

This day can lick

One cup, or three,

May do the trick

June Nash

2 responses to “Poem on Mornings”

  1. gigglinggranny Avatar

    Thank you! I had a great day, but I did take a nap.
    I normally eat home-made granola with one or two cups of coffee. That day I ate sausage and eggs with potatoes and toast. When I was done I was tired. I will go back to my granola breakfasts!

    I envy your non-caffeine start. I would like to work towards that goal. For now, I like the kick in the pants that coffee gives me!


  2. Lovely poem. I’ve just had some lemon ginger tea – I’m wide awake. Hopefully the rest of your day (if this was an autobiographical poem) you are freed from the trap!


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