Poem: Jamaican Blue


Jamaican Blue

by June Nash


Black, beautiful, your strength I adore

Holding you close, I breath in your scent

Make my blood boil, reach into my core

Need you inside, come start my ascent.


I’ll drink you up, every single drop

Voltages surge as you touch my lip

Please, one more cup, another, can’t stop

Quivering shakes, with each luscious sip


Stop! That’s enough!  Cannot take more Joe!

Of strong and bold jamaican descent

Leaves me trembling, from head though to toe

Exhausted, drained, and completely spent

Poem about Strong Coffee

Strong Coffee

Strong coffee, puts hair on chest

A brew that out brags the best.

Boy friend says I shouldn’t drink

Afraid of results I think.

 June Nash


I love coffee!  The stronger the better.  Mine is said to put hair on your chest.  

Being a girl, that isn’t such a nice result!  Maybe I shouldn’t be drinking such strong coffee!