Poem: Walk in the Woods

Walk in the Woods
by June Nash


Listen to the breeze flowing through the trees

Echoes of voices, each with their own pleas

All around dampness, dew, and moldy wood

Dank creaking trees, if they could talk, they would

Moaning groaning feel my pain

Shouts are soft this sad refrain

Aches, agony, hear my plea

Dark woeful cloud surrounds me

Sun breaks out, shining through fluttering leaves

Sparkling rays of hope ‘tween branches it weaves

Wet puddles glitter as the damp tree’s bark shine

Spreading light, seeking to warm earth’s dark spine

Moaning seizes, feel less pained

This sunny day hope has rained

Flowing rainbows I embrace

As smile floods furrowed face

Listen to the breeze flowing through the trees

I walk through bare woods where friends welcome me

Warmth and love sparkling ‘tween fluttering leaves

Vines of calm and peace through branches it weaves

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