Poem: Off Sick

Off Sick

by June Nash


is it that I’m really sick

sometimes these damn flus will stick

or basking in the excuse

flagrant use of time abuse


spend days on a soft settee

writing, reading, watch tv

worst is over, on the mend

if not sick still, I’ll pretend


life continues when I stop

when to duty I not hop

think I’ll spend a few more days

in this quiet slow paced haze


I came down with the flu.  Started coming on Christmas day.    In so much pain, didn’t have to decide whether or not to post my poem.  Just didn’t post.

Now I am back, but taking it easy.  Enjoying the slow pace that comes after all holiday obligations are met.  Until I was on the mend, I didn’t realize what a guilty pleasure it was to sit around the house all day, not doing anything of importance.  

I wish all my readers a wonderful year filled with opportunities and the courage to take advantage of at least one.

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