Poem: Off Sick

Off Sick

by June Nash


is it that I’m really sick

sometimes these damn flus will stick

or basking in the excuse

flagrant use of time abuse


spend days on a soft settee

writing, reading, watch tv

worst is over, on the mend

if not sick still, I’ll pretend


life continues when I stop

when to duty I not hop

think I’ll spend a few more days

in this quiet slow paced haze


I came down with the flu.  Started coming on Christmas day.    In so much pain, didn’t have to decide whether or not to post my poem.  Just didn’t post.

Now I am back, but taking it easy.  Enjoying the slow pace that comes after all holiday obligations are met.  Until I was on the mend, I didn’t realize what a guilty pleasure it was to sit around the house all day, not doing anything of importance.  

I wish all my readers a wonderful year filled with opportunities and the courage to take advantage of at least one.

Poem: Good Daughter

Good Daughter

by June Nash


Raised my children, now they’re grown

Husband’s passed, now on my own

Nights are quiet, days are too

Nothing left, of use, to do


Mama, she is slowing down

How long will she be aroun’?

Afraid she’ll die, all alone

She’s a bit accident prone


Daughter says come live with her

Didn’t want to, now not sure

I’d like to watch grandkids grow

Hate to be a burden though


Mom nursed me when I was young

Twisted life, look how it swung

She can rest under my arm

I’ll persuade her with my charm


As time passed, decisions made

With good daughter mama stayed

Times, they were not always good

None knew why, nor understood


My daughter’s sweet and caring

Won’t burden her by airing

Petty gripes about my state

Should not have come, now too late


Gave mom our room on first floor

Husband liked things as before

Children gripe, ‘cause can’t make noise

To appease, buy both more toys


Sweet dear, spoils the kids

Catering to husbands bids

I can help, perhaps I should

By dropping hints. That’d be good!


Mother dear, tries to be nice

Interferes, but should think thrice

It’s my home, but whose in charge

Those little hints, getting large


As time passed, a peace was made

With good daughter mama stayed

Times, they were often quite good

None knew why, nor understood


Talked to daughter, heart to heart

Began with a bumpy start

Talked about my feelings true

Asked her advice, what to do


Mama and me now are friends

For way we acted, made amends

When Mom watches kids it’s great

Let’s spouse and me have a date


Safe and secure on my own

In daughters house, now my home

Never thought I’d come to stay

But glad my kids led the way


Times were often bittersweet

When mom’s will and mine did meet

I gained a lot ‘cause she came

Though helping her was my aim


As time passes, life must fade

With good daughter mama stayed

Times, they were often quite good

None knew why, nor understood

Poem on Aging: Scary Venture

Scary Venture

getting old is a scary venture

what future holds is not secure


pains of youth, fleeting, disregard

ignoring aches now getting hard


signs of aging may be gray hair

or pounds added in derrière


laugh it off, cannot stop the clock

each year’s anniversaries mock


in the morning upon waking,

notice body stiff and aching


cannot climb stairs with old ease

how’d I develop sitting disease?


BP high, cholesterol too

need start taking a pill or two


getting old is a scary venture

what future holds is not secure


body’s decline is eminent

but with studied care can augment


how to fight cruel adversary

is not easy, must not tarry


hair will continue to grow gray

but BP can be kept at bay


will compromise, watch what I eat

get off couch, start using feet.


attitude is half the battle

enjoy life and fight for control


to be lethargic is lethal

to accept this fate is fatal


getting old is a scary venture

what future holds is not secure

June Nash

Poem about Starting A New Workout Plan

Self Portrait
Digital Self Portrait, using SketchBookExpress

The Workout Plan

Want to lose five pounds.

I shall start today

Now to remember,

What’d those experts say?

Eat a large breakfast.

Take some vitamins.

Stretch before work out.

If no pains, no wins.


Show up at the gym

An hour per day.

Get some work-out clothes,

Go shop on eBay.

Reduce calories,

Cutting out ice cream.

Must get out there now,

Lest run out of steam

Can’t go to the gym,

Too fat to fit in.

I’ll work out at home,

Until looking thin.

Popping vitamins.

Eating large breakfast.

Sipping my coffee.

I think, ‘Fit At Last!’.

Starting on stretches,

Reaching toward toes.

My warm up is done.

Should start I suppose.

Tired, drained, kaput,

But such a good start.

To keep up routine,

Do not have the heart.

Need a support group,

Somebody to cheer,

To keep me focused,

Help me get in gear.

None I know willing,

I’m left on my own.

Before got started,

Undertaking blown.

Never quit quitting,

Some day will be thin.

Need new strategy,

A tactic to win.

 Ice cream, two big scoops,

Will fight feelings blue.

Tomorrow shall start

Endeavors anew.

June Nash

This would be humorous if it wasn’t so true.  For me anyway.  I do not feel like I fit into the gym crowd when I am most in need of the facility.  Working out on my own, well. . . it just doesn’t seem to work.  I will not push myself.  

So… I drown my sorrows in a bowl of ice cream and think about how I can over come the obstacles.  I will try again, with a new plan, tomorrow.

Believe it or not, this post was inspired by a very good article on SociallyFitBlog called the Worst Workout Plan Ever.  The message on this blog was great.  My mind, however, travels down it’s own path when creating poetry.

Poem about Listening To Our Bodies

Body Speaks

Body’s speaking all the time

Do we listen to it’s rhyme?

When we hear, do we take heed

Of things our body has need?


Starts off simple, feeling weak

When too many sweets we sneak.

Advances to an ache, pain,

Resulting from weight we gain.


Body spoke, do not complain

Could used umbrella ‘fore rain.

Use elevator, not stair,

Take pill, get auto lift chair.


Stop talking!  Body I bade!

Vision of health starts to fade.

When ears fail body stays loud

Then silence. . . as rest in shroud

 June Nash

Are you in tuned to your body’s language?  When you hear, do you heed?  

I have been guilty of ignoring my body’s messages through the years.  I am listening now.  Is it too late?  It is harder now.