Barns was the theme for our Zoom with June paint along

“Michigan Barns”, Watercolor on 9″x12″ 40 lbs paper by June Nash

On the 27th of May we painted together, remotely. If I haven’t mentioned this earlier, this is something I have been doing since the start of the year. Joining my friends from the Lakeside Palette Club of St Clair Shores. We call it ‘Zoom with June’, that’s me! The pandemic required us to do things differently. It got us more comfortable with other ways of socialization. Many artists, myself included, enjoy painting in our ‘at home’ studios. We have all of our supplies easily within reach. Being alone in the studio has some drawbacks. No feedback is one of them. The ‘Zoom’ art studio has a lot of benefits. We are able to give each other tips and feedback. We have a schedule, so we make sure we are actually in the studio producing pieces of art. We also come up with a theme, which often gets me to step out of my old ideas of what I should paint.

Painting barns is not something I would have thought to paint. I am not naturally a landscape artist. But I love trying new things, so I was up for the challenge. When I was up north on vacation I stopped by the side of the road, taking pictures of various barns I saw. I liked these barns. I didn’t expect much, but was pleasantly surprised with the results! The original didn’t have a fence, but I used my artistic license and put it in there anyway.

2 responses to “Barns was the theme for our Zoom with June paint along”

  1. LOVE Love your barn painting. I like the addition of the fence, gives it character somehow, just a good fit. great job June.


    1. Thanks! I liked it too! Next time I’m going to try to make a clown.


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