Happy Thanksgiving!

Tom the Turkey has been through a lot! After his creation he lost his base, some toes, and even his tail fell off. I was able to patch him up for the big day with help from super glue, Elmer’s glue and a little bit more clay. He is now coated with a clear coat finish and ready to stand out as the center piece he was meant to be.


I haven’t written poems for quite a while. While shopping, I over heard some ladies talking about how time flies when they are browsing. That inspired me to come up with this. 

Not enough time 
it is soon gone
yet in heartbreak 
it takes too long 

When having fun 
time will fly by 
in misery 
it slows, but why?

If want long lives 
in endless time 
then must endure 
life filled with slime 

Like food eaten 
but not tasted 
joy speeds time up 
like years wasted 

So give to me 
a life that’s fast 
I do not care 
for time to last

Santa’s Got Color

I painted the sculpture of Santa that I did a while back. I was nervous about painting him, because I never did it before. I bought some Golden Fluid acrylic paints because my daughter recommended them. Being liquid, I don’t have to add water to get it to spread and I don’t want a thick layer of paint. I want the texture of the sculpture to show through. I’m not saying that adding water would make the clay dissolve, but I didn’t want to take any chances.

Slide the arrow to see the sculpture before and after painting.