Poem: Styles for Sylphs

Styles for Sylphs

Aging bodies, changing shape

Don’t like the way clothes now drape

Weight has shifted to my waist

Saggy in butt, not my taste


Dressed like old crone not my aim

Mass production is the blame

Store bought trousers, blue jeans too

All are made for select few


You might say they don’t know

The varied shapes women grow

I do not believe that is true

This indifference is not new


Stylers design to impress

Don’t want plump girls in their dress

Market to young pretty sylphs

Not those bodies whose parts shift


Must be why you often see

Older women, much like me

Attired in pants which bag and droop

Or joining the stretch pant group

June Nash

Poem on Packing My Closet As Though It Were A Suit Case

New Look


What is this look I’m going for?

My style to hook, where less is more.

Not always denim, but often so

Could pin hair up or let it flow.

Clothes not ever pinching the waist.

Accessories on garments placed.


Expressive with my airs I wave,

Not wearing clothes ‘cause other’s rave.

Adding a bit of home made charm

Then some jewelry to grace my arm.

Kept simple, a mere few pieces,

So over-full closet ceases.

Owning only shoes I would wear,

No need to own twenty-two pair.

Keep it simple that’s my new style.

Wipe closet clean of that old pile.

One day as closet opens wide,

Just grab and go, away I stride.

June Nash

My closet if full of clothes I don’t wear.  I have too many shoes.  I find I wear the same comfortable clothes consistently.  Clearing out my closet is now my aim.  I am looking for a new look.  Something I can wear everyday.  Maybe something I could dress up a bit for nicer occasions.  Maybe several outfits that look identical that can have their look changed by accessorizing.  Simplifying my wardrobe will simplify my life. 

This is how I pack when I travel.  It is time I pack my closet like it were a suit case.