Happy Thanksgiving!

Tom the Turkey has been through a lot! After his creation he lost his base, some toes, and even his tail fell off. I was able to patch him up for the big day with help from super glue, Elmer’s glue and a little bit more clay. He is now coated with a clear coat finish and ready to stand out as the center piece he was meant to be.

Poem: Snowy Descent

Snowy Descent

by June Nash


Trees glistening laced in white

Fills our senses with delight

Down from sky flakes softly drift

The sky grants this special gift


First snow fall tends to amaze

Delightful glee on wintry days

Gazing at soft fluffy flakes

Start of Christmas spirit makes


Skate in figure eights on ice

Laugh when falling once then twice

For hot cocoa come inside

Snuggling by the fireside


While pure white snow gives delight

Old Jack Frost gives nasty bite

Wintry days are fraught with cold

As time winds on it gets old


Shoveling for the 13th time

Scraping windshields swathed in rime

Feet slipping on patch of ice

Dreams of tropics sure sound nice

Poem: Thanksgiving Day Welcomes Santa


Thanksgiving Day Welcome’s Santa

by June Nash


Morning parade starts the day

Welcome Santa, won’t you stay?

See us through the end of year

Help us forget days draw drear


This season starts with a feast

Cheering on first snowy beast

Giving thanks for big and small

Thanksgiving Day starts it all


Anxious for that special day

When under tree gifts you lay

Help us forget days turn cold

As brisk winter winds unfold


Stay with us through Christmas night

After that we’ll be alright

Tired from fun parties bring

We’ll hide inside until spring


Thanksgiving Day will be here soon.  This to me starts the celebrations leading to Christmas.  This is a great distraction from the change in weather here in Michigan.  We are so excited about the holiday, we don’t have time to worry about the cold winds and coming snow falls.