Poem: Is Halloween Dead?

Is Halloween Dead?

Trick or treat, the night is dead.

Not one kid here to be fed.

It’s not ghosts nor spooks that scare.

Must be crime makes them beware.

I, when young, through streets would run.

Could not wait, for setting of sun.

Trick or treat, the sport has changed.

In control, parties arranged.

May be good, kids kept off street,

But miss ghouls, to my door beat.

June Nash


Halloween has come and gone.  I had only 3 groups of children come to my door, trick or treating.  Every year we get less kids coming around.  It started me wondering if the old style of celebrating this holiday is over.  Are the children going to parties instead?

Did you pass out candy this year?  Did your kids go door to door?  Do you forego the door to door begging in favor of parties?  

Poem about Pumpkin Carving

Self Portrait
Digital Self Portrait, using SketchBookExpress

Pumpkin Carving

Halloween’s coming

It’s time to prepare.

Carve in a pumpkin

A face that will scare.

Just cut off the top

Dig in through the goo.

Creating monsters

So easy to do.

Take in hand sharp knife,

Carve out scary face.

Of mushy insides

Must leave a small trace.

Adding a candle

The final finesse.

Then leave to your mom

Cleaning up that mess.

June Nash