A bit of urban sketching

Urban Sketch, Rosedale Community Players production of Cliffhanger and Francis

Went to see a play yesterday, Cliffhanger, put on by the Rosedale Community Players.  This group never fails to entertain.  It is a cabaret style theatre located in a church.  http://rosedalecommunityplayers.com

So in keeping with the 100 day project and my passion for urban sketching, I captured both part of the stage and my friend, Francis.  

I had only 15 minutes until curtain, though in truth there wasn’t any curtain, so I pulled out my multimedia sketch book.

Poem for Tourists

Hark All Tourists

Hark all tourists to lay of land!

Listen close, do as I command.

Blend into the culture, local,

Do not be out of town yokel.

Relax, ignore snags in program.

Sit back and smile, say ‘no problem’.

Be courteous to other mates.

Put yourself in hands of the fates.

Pack light, leaving home all those shoes.

Take heed, bring only things you’ll use.

Hark all tourist to what I say

And you’ll have a grand holiday!

June Nash


Took a trip to Stratford Ontario for the Shakespeare Festival.  I stayed at a very nice B&B.  In the bathroom the 10 commandments for tourists was posted. Reading this list inspired me to write the above poem.