Poem about Tax Free Tips Act of 2011

Tax Free Tips Act of 2011

 Why tax tips, aren’t they a gift?

Doesn’t this make you miffed?

Bill in place to correct farce.

Supporters for it are sparse.

Introduced to committee

There to sit, such a pity.

June Nash

This has always been a sore spot of mine.  I would like to see the gifts I leave, for those who serve me well, accepted as gifts which they are intended to be.

Service-industry workers, who are often underpaid and overworked, are also overtaxed.  Tax Free Tips Act of 2011 was introduced into committee where it will likely die a lonely death from inaction.


Poem about Going Fishing

Gone Fishing


Drop a line, let’s go fishing!

Large bass is what I’m wishing.

Not only quite good to eat,

But the fight, it can’t be beat!


Get up early, crack of dawn.

Grab our gear, let out a yawn.

Motor off to fishing spot.

Coffee thermos, nice and hot.


Cast our lines, let us relax,

Until that bass, our lines tax.

In gentle breeze, quiet, sit.

Then suddenly feel a hit!


Give a slight jerk to hook, set.

Fight begun, not over yet.

He takes off, on the run.

Let out line, having fun!


He leaps, wiggles, tries to free

Himself from his misery.

Back and forth, such a fight,

To boat side, such a sight!


Grab the net, dip in the lake,

Do it right, don’t make mistake.

Telling tale, about this day,

Fish that didn’t get away.

.                  – June Nash

In Michigan, on Saturday, June 9, and Sunday, June 10, 2012, everyone in Michigan – including residents and non-residents – can fish without a license, though all other fishing regulations still apply.