Poem about Tax Free Tips Act of 2011

Tax Free Tips Act of 2011

 Why tax tips, aren’t they a gift?

Doesn’t this make you miffed?

Bill in place to correct farce.

Supporters for it are sparse.

Introduced to committee

There to sit, such a pity.

June Nash

This has always been a sore spot of mine.  I would like to see the gifts I leave, for those who serve me well, accepted as gifts which they are intended to be.

Service-industry workers, who are often underpaid and overworked, are also overtaxed.  Tax Free Tips Act of 2011 was introduced into committee where it will likely die a lonely death from inaction.


Poem about Balance; Mind, Body, Heart

Heart is Heard


My mind is sharp, ready to fly,

Has great ideas, by and by.

Heart is heavy, weighed with anchor,

Cracked, broken, confused with anger.

Body, it quakes from burdens born,

Can’t hear my mind, with heart so worn.


Mind is ready, can’t understand,

Before got started, body waned.

Confused heart’s sorry condition

With poor diet, bad nutrition.

Took a lifetime for mind to see

Life just got the better of me.


Course to follow, is uncertain.

At least now have raised the curtain.

Up to brain to go exploring,

Help heart heal, seek self imploring.

Work together, body, heart, brain,

A better self, we will attain.

–                 – June Nash

I am reading the chapter on Contemplating Wholeness in the book ‘How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci’ by Michael J. Gelb.  The book asks the question; between your mind, emotions and body, which dominates?  It then asks for the reader to diagram it.  My diagram surprised me.  I always felt my brain was the ruler in any situation.  I must be wrong.  (My brain doesn’t like to admit that she is not the one in control.)  But it is obvious from the diagram, that my subconscious (the heart) is screaming to be heard through my renderings.

Poem about Going Fishing

Gone Fishing


Drop a line, let’s go fishing!

Large bass is what I’m wishing.

Not only quite good to eat,

But the fight, it can’t be beat!


Get up early, crack of dawn.

Grab our gear, let out a yawn.

Motor off to fishing spot.

Coffee thermos, nice and hot.


Cast our lines, let us relax,

Until that bass, our lines tax.

In gentle breeze, quiet, sit.

Then suddenly feel a hit!


Give a slight jerk to hook, set.

Fight begun, not over yet.

He takes off, on the run.

Let out line, having fun!


He leaps, wiggles, tries to free

Himself from his misery.

Back and forth, such a fight,

To boat side, such a sight!


Grab the net, dip in the lake,

Do it right, don’t make mistake.

Telling tale, about this day,

Fish that didn’t get away.

.                  – June Nash

In Michigan, on Saturday, June 9, and Sunday, June 10, 2012, everyone in Michigan – including residents and non-residents – can fish without a license, though all other fishing regulations still apply.

Poem about Tearful Catharsis

Had a Good Cry


Had good cry, now feeling fine.

Just snapped!  Something in my mind.

Need to act more selfishly.

Need take better care of me.


Looking out, others’ welfare.

At last, can no longer bear.

Always keep others happy,

Leaving me, my mood, snappy.


Can’t say where was the point

When my brain popped out of joint.

Living up to others’ desires,

I think, is what flamed the fires.


They don’t even need ask.

I just know, take up the task.

Not their fault that I tire,

Burn my spirit out in pyre.


To say ‘no, I do not care’

It is a hard face to wear.

What I need, do not protest,

Don’t take from me, let me rest.


I don’t even know any more

The things I want to explore.

Had a good cry now feeling fine.

Please… I need to rest, unwind.

–                         – June Nash

Poem: Deserted



Deserted, left all alone.

Locked up, one room, in small zone.

Frightened, lonely, hear a noise.

Let out a yelp, losing poise.


Hear a sound. . . you coming back?

Or a stranger to attack?

Why do you leave me like this?

When you are gone, you I miss!


It’s you!  I’m so excited!

You home, we reunited.

Jumping up and down, I race.

Wagging tail, licking your face!

–                        – June Nash