Bad Dinner Guest- Another Poem

Have you ever had a bad dinner guest over for dinner.  One who removes his false teeth at the table before he eats.  Every one is served the same thing, but for some reason, maybe because he likes the reaction, he reaches on to your plate and touches your food.  I’m sure it wouldn’t take long before you take your plate to another room to eat. 

Bad Dinner Guest

I have a habit, I should learn to be rid.

I learned it long ago when I was a kid.

It started when my mother would invite

Her boyfriend to eat with my family at night.

He would reach for his food, and then some of mine.

After removing his teeth when we would dine.

Not able to enjoy, this way, my food.

To stay in kitchen with him bred a foul mood.

So off to living room I went with my plate.

Still to this day, eating in kitchens I hate.

–                   – June Nash

One response to “Bad Dinner Guest- Another Poem”

  1. He sounds positively vile! Ugh!


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