Socially Stunted- Poem

Do you know of anyone who is lacking social graces?  Someone who is difficult to be around?  When you graciously try to lead them to meet others so that you aren’t their only friend, they shun the idea because they don’t like those people.

Socially Stunted


People don’t like me I don’t know why.

I’m so desperate, I try and try.

They seem, to me, so mean.

They openly yawn or turn away.

People don’t hear what I have to say.

Told in detail I mean.


I sneeze, I wipe, I don’t understand.

They pull away as I reach out hand.

It’s clean, wiped it on blue jean.


When I visit, if get there at five,

I get to dine after I arrive.

Better timing not seen.


My family says that I should befriend

The lonely girl who lives ‘round the bend.

On that idea not keen.


Not me I said, not me I grunted.

Befriend her?  She’s Socially stunted!

–              – June Nash

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