Poem-Respect Gray

Have you ever gone to a doctor’s appointment with an older parent when the physician talks to you like the patient isn’t in the room?  You wonder why your elderly relative doesn’t respond to the doctor’s orders?  Maybe they are not getting the respect they need.

Respect Gray


He is in rehab, but may not stay

Must have needs met or will go astray.

No body listens when you are old

Think your mind feeble, too old to know. . .

How you feel, what you need, what you think. . .


Doctors to others about you spew

How can you deal with this, what to do?

Young people, this one day may be you.

Remember, respect their points of view.

Talking to aged, tiring I know.

Hearing is bad, thought processes slow.

Year of experience behind gray

Can help, believe me, do it their way.

How they feel, what they need, what they think. . .

–                                         – June Nash

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