Poem about MTHFR mutation



Tired, all of the time dragging

Need boost energy. . . sagging.

Work out, then whipped for day.

Can’t function in life this way.

Drinking coffee, pot or two

Gets me going, it will do.


I dragged myself to the doc

She ran blood test, what a shock!

My gene, MTHFR,

Mutated, to my horror.

Vitamin B is the cure.

Life is great, I will endure!


Feel my blood in veins pumping

To tasks, easily jumping!

Smile when I think how easy

Is to live when not woozy.

Mood flies high, like sunny day,

When toils of life go away.

 –                  –   June Nash

My daughter found out she suffered from a MTHFR gene mutation after having two unsuccessful pregnancies.  She was finally diagnosed with having a double MTHFR gene mutation.  She told me that I must have at least a single mutation for her to have a double.  We both started taking aspirin daily as well as vitamin B complex.  We are now both taking a special vitamin B called HomocysteX.  I cannot believe the difference it has made in my energy levels.

For more information on the MTHFR gene, check out this site.

Also on Wikipedia

Poem about being a Patient

Patient’s Patience


In my bed, waiting.

Sickness, not abating.

X-ray’s need be read.

Doctors, not yet to my bed

Spend night in despair.

Procedure failed, now where

Is help?  It’s after hours.

Poor patient, me.  Patience sours.

–                             -June Nash

Poem on Doctoring

Specialist Special


Tube inserted in nose.

Off to stomach it goes.

Well, to stomach it should.

In sinus instead would

Wrap self into knot.


Nurses they try but stop

House doc working on pop

Call a specialist in

ENT put up din.

Makes my stomach to knot.


ENT assistant

Large ego insistent

Face turned ugly glower

Called at such an hour

Thinks special, I think not.

But need her help tonight.

I stroke her ego right

Don’t want her not to care.

It is dad’s health we spare

Doc please remove tube knot.

 –                         – June Nash

When in the hospital, an Ears Nose and Throat Specialist (ENT) Physician’s Assistant was called in to assist in removing a tube that was stuck in the patient’s sinus cavity.  How it got there instead of into the stomach like it should, I will not go into.

Poetry – Baby Boom

Pilot light flame

When my father was little, it was common to do operations,

such as tonsillectomies, in the family home.

He told me this story about when he had his tonsils removed.

Baby Boom


Days of old, when my pop a lad,

My father, his tonsils, found bad.

Need to remove them, doctors said.

Used kitchen table for a bed.


Ether was used in days of yore.

Not shut off pilot, ran through door.

Both doctors, they flew out of the room,

To save themselves when it went boom.

Left poor baby, my dad, to gloom.


Granddad, his pop, to rescue came

Ran into room, heedless of pain


Healers, those doctors, who did swear

First no harm, they did disappear

At first signs of risk to their hides

Maybe why, dad, his trust, subsides

No faith in doctors, yet resides.

–                        – June Nash

Poem-Respect Gray

Have you ever gone to a doctor’s appointment with an older parent when the physician talks to you like the patient isn’t in the room?  You wonder why your elderly relative doesn’t respond to the doctor’s orders?  Maybe they are not getting the respect they need.

Respect Gray


He is in rehab, but may not stay

Must have needs met or will go astray.

No body listens when you are old

Think your mind feeble, too old to know. . .

How you feel, what you need, what you think. . .


Doctors to others about you spew

How can you deal with this, what to do?

Young people, this one day may be you.

Remember, respect their points of view.

Talking to aged, tiring I know.

Hearing is bad, thought processes slow.

Year of experience behind gray

Can help, believe me, do it their way.

How they feel, what they need, what they think. . .

–                                         – June Nash