Poem on Doctoring

Specialist Special


Tube inserted in nose.

Off to stomach it goes.

Well, to stomach it should.

In sinus instead would

Wrap self into knot.


Nurses they try but stop

House doc working on pop

Call a specialist in

ENT put up din.

Makes my stomach to knot.


ENT assistant

Large ego insistent

Face turned ugly glower

Called at such an hour

Thinks special, I think not.

But need her help tonight.

I stroke her ego right

Don’t want her not to care.

It is dad’s health we spare

Doc please remove tube knot.

 –                         – June Nash

When in the hospital, an Ears Nose and Throat Specialist (ENT) Physician’s Assistant was called in to assist in removing a tube that was stuck in the patient’s sinus cavity.  How it got there instead of into the stomach like it should, I will not go into.

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