Poem about Tearful Catharsis

Had a Good Cry


Had good cry, now feeling fine.

Just snapped!  Something in my mind.

Need to act more selfishly.

Need take better care of me.


Looking out, others’ welfare.

At last, can no longer bear.

Always keep others happy,

Leaving me, my mood, snappy.


Can’t say where was the point

When my brain popped out of joint.

Living up to others’ desires,

I think, is what flamed the fires.


They don’t even need ask.

I just know, take up the task.

Not their fault that I tire,

Burn my spirit out in pyre.


To say ‘no, I do not care’

It is a hard face to wear.

What I need, do not protest,

Don’t take from me, let me rest.


I don’t even know any more

The things I want to explore.

Had a good cry now feeling fine.

Please… I need to rest, unwind.

–                         – June Nash

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