Poem about MTHFR mutation



Tired, all of the time dragging

Need boost energy. . . sagging.

Work out, then whipped for day.

Can’t function in life this way.

Drinking coffee, pot or two

Gets me going, it will do.


I dragged myself to the doc

She ran blood test, what a shock!

My gene, MTHFR,

Mutated, to my horror.

Vitamin B is the cure.

Life is great, I will endure!


Feel my blood in veins pumping

To tasks, easily jumping!

Smile when I think how easy

Is to live when not woozy.

Mood flies high, like sunny day,

When toils of life go away.

 –                  –   June Nash

My daughter found out she suffered from a MTHFR gene mutation after having two unsuccessful pregnancies.  She was finally diagnosed with having a double MTHFR gene mutation.  She told me that I must have at least a single mutation for her to have a double.  We both started taking aspirin daily as well as vitamin B complex.  We are now both taking a special vitamin B called HomocysteX.  I cannot believe the difference it has made in my energy levels.

For more information on the MTHFR gene, check out this site.

Also on Wikipedia

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