Poem about Balance; Mind, Body, Heart

Heart is Heard


My mind is sharp, ready to fly,

Has great ideas, by and by.

Heart is heavy, weighed with anchor,

Cracked, broken, confused with anger.

Body, it quakes from burdens born,

Can’t hear my mind, with heart so worn.


Mind is ready, can’t understand,

Before got started, body waned.

Confused heart’s sorry condition

With poor diet, bad nutrition.

Took a lifetime for mind to see

Life just got the better of me.


Course to follow, is uncertain.

At least now have raised the curtain.

Up to brain to go exploring,

Help heart heal, seek self imploring.

Work together, body, heart, brain,

A better self, we will attain.

–                 – June Nash

I am reading the chapter on Contemplating Wholeness in the book ‘How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci’ by Michael J. Gelb.  The book asks the question; between your mind, emotions and body, which dominates?  It then asks for the reader to diagram it.  My diagram surprised me.  I always felt my brain was the ruler in any situation.  I must be wrong.  (My brain doesn’t like to admit that she is not the one in control.)  But it is obvious from the diagram, that my subconscious (the heart) is screaming to be heard through my renderings.

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