Poem on Kickstarting an Exercise Regime

Kick Box

Been unfit for many years.

Thought of workouts, brought tears.

Not always such a sloth be,

When young, I had energy.


Years of working 9 to 5,

Raised my kids, strived to survive.

Did not take PT classes.

Now am slow as molasses.


Habits form, not all for good.

Not as active as I should.

Know, my health, it would improve,

If into healthier groove.

I did not know where to start,

Though from quiescence must part.

Daughter said take Kick box class.

Thought on this one I would pass.


Days to months she persisted,

‘Til I rarely resisted.

She and I went together.

Now I’ll go there forever.


Love kick boxing class I find,

Enlivens body, clears mind.

Cannot skip any sessions.

It’s now one of my passions.

–                           – June Nash

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