Poem about Listening To Our Bodies

Body Speaks

Body’s speaking all the time

Do we listen to it’s rhyme?

When we hear, do we take heed

Of things our body has need?


Starts off simple, feeling weak

When too many sweets we sneak.

Advances to an ache, pain,

Resulting from weight we gain.


Body spoke, do not complain

Could used umbrella ‘fore rain.

Use elevator, not stair,

Take pill, get auto lift chair.


Stop talking!  Body I bade!

Vision of health starts to fade.

When ears fail body stays loud

Then silence. . . as rest in shroud

 June Nash

Are you in tuned to your body’s language?  When you hear, do you heed?  

I have been guilty of ignoring my body’s messages through the years.  I am listening now.  Is it too late?  It is harder now.  

Poem: Weigh In

Weigh In

Need to diet, try to fit in

To society that promotes thin.

Once could tickle throat with feather,

Take pills, enemas, what ever.

Now they say it’s  a disorder,

Not a fad, where is the border?


Skinny is still the style of choice.

Fat people, to be thin, rejoice.

Lift weights, do aerobics, kick box,

The goal is, not fit, to be a fox.

Cannot use those bulimic tricks,

Must use some new fangled gimmicks.


To be myself, if a bit plump,

At this goal, my soul wants to jump.

Scorned by all, including doctors.

They don’t weigh in all the factors.

Eating things that make ones heart gleam,

Boosts mood, are best foods.  Eat ice cream!

June Nash


When I was a young girl, I remember my mother talking with her sisters about how to control their weight.  Back then, anything that worked was a good method.  This included methods that are now considered to be bulimic in nature.  

Today, we know better than to force ourselves to vomit in an effort to keep our weight under control.  There are many very good sources, for weight control, we can tap into that provide sensible eating and fitness guidelines.  Yet an equal amount of sources exist, that for a slight fee, can give us access to a quick fix. 

The goal of course is to be thin.  Thin is healthy.  Thin is sexy.

I am tired of being expected to fit into a mold.  I want to eat my ice cream.

So when I weigh in, I weigh in the benefits of losing a few pounds compared to the peace and comfort I receive from a dish of ice cream. 

Ice cream wins!

Poem: Out and Do

Out and Do


Out and Do.  Do, do, do.

Kids are mopey, and blue.

Must get them out of house

In sunshine, let them douse.


Try to keep my kids lean

They must turn off machine.

TV and PC games

Often are things to blame.


Get kids outside for walk,

Joining friends, all can talk.

Play tag or jump some rope,

Have some fun, not to mope.


As I sit down to write

I think ‘This isn’t right!’.

This advice for Me most.

Can’t all day write and post.


Off my butt, do PT.

Turn advice back on me.

If follow this routine

From this languor will wean.


Out and Do.  Do, do, do.

Folks needs to get out too.

Joining kids for a walk,

Or hopscotch.  I’ve got chalk!

 June Nash

Poem on Kickstarting an Exercise Regime

Kick Box

Been unfit for many years.

Thought of workouts, brought tears.

Not always such a sloth be,

When young, I had energy.


Years of working 9 to 5,

Raised my kids, strived to survive.

Did not take PT classes.

Now am slow as molasses.


Habits form, not all for good.

Not as active as I should.

Know, my health, it would improve,

If into healthier groove.

I did not know where to start,

Though from quiescence must part.

Daughter said take Kick box class.

Thought on this one I would pass.


Days to months she persisted,

‘Til I rarely resisted.

She and I went together.

Now I’ll go there forever.


Love kick boxing class I find,

Enlivens body, clears mind.

Cannot skip any sessions.

It’s now one of my passions.

–                           – June Nash

Poem on Keeping Brain in Shape

Brain Work

Expectations set for a Child

Influences, whether harsh or mild.

For me, low hurdles were set.

Acting dumb. . . expectations met.

Brain became lazy, ‘til one day

Concentration was left at bay.

Tired of ridicule as stupid.

Others saw not, me as I did.

Determined to prove myself smart.

A change in actions I did start.

Studying hard, but persevered.

Concentrate on concentrating I steered.

Today I know a thing or two.

Brains can get flabby like muscles do.

If exercise body and brain

Signs of old age will help refrain.

–                              – June Nash