Poem: Out and Do

Out and Do


Out and Do.  Do, do, do.

Kids are mopey, and blue.

Must get them out of house

In sunshine, let them douse.


Try to keep my kids lean

They must turn off machine.

TV and PC games

Often are things to blame.


Get kids outside for walk,

Joining friends, all can talk.

Play tag or jump some rope,

Have some fun, not to mope.


As I sit down to write

I think ‘This isn’t right!’.

This advice for Me most.

Can’t all day write and post.


Off my butt, do PT.

Turn advice back on me.

If follow this routine

From this languor will wean.


Out and Do.  Do, do, do.

Folks needs to get out too.

Joining kids for a walk,

Or hopscotch.  I’ve got chalk!

 June Nash

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