Poem: Autumn Years

Autumn Years

My back, it aches, not a bit.

A lot!  Drives me into fit.

Get up, stretch, it does not help.

Now and then, let out a yelp.

Bad fate, crippled in my prime.

Though Motrin, works most the time.

October trees, whose leaves fall

In spring will get back them all.

In the autumn of my years

Spring won’t come erase my tears.

Thinning hair and achy joints,

Upon my body, life anoints.

These ailments, to name a few,

Not much about this can do.

Take my pills and plug along.

Hoping nothing else goes wrong.

 June Nash

My back is bothering me today.  I am in pain.  I am thinking about the crazy weather we are having.  It is cold one day, and summery the next.  Fall is in the air.  Winter will be here soon.  The trees are already starting to lose their leaves.  When spring time comes, the leaves will come back.  That is not true for people.  The doctors may be able to help.  Correct some of the problems, but. . . spring will never bring new growth for this aging body that is in it’s autumn years. 

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