I am back!

I took a break from my blog. But now I am back.

I’ll be taking my readers through my journey of artistic expression through my works. I pretty much quit writing poetry when I started an oil painting class in 2014. My hidden talent for creating art surprised me. Since 2014, I have painted several oils, a few acrylics, some watercolors, several wood carvings and a few poems. I love to learn and my art is continuously evolving.

I took a water color class at the beginning of the year. Here are two of my latest water colors. They are currently on display in the Lakeside Palette Club Fall Show.

The top painting is from a photo of my sister hanging from her knees on our outdoor swing set. I took some artistic liberties here. The major one being her hair. She was a brunette, not a blonde.

The bottom painting is of my daughter. I worked from several photos, using parts of each to produce the results that I wanted.

Rainbow Girl, Watercolor 2019
Jackie, watercolor 2019

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