Honorable Mention received

Humming Birds, by June Nash
11”x16” on Arches 140lb hot press.

I painted this watercolor in January. This was at the start of my zoom, in-home, studio gatherings. We wanted to paint hummingbirds. It took me a while to complete. First I painted the two birds, but they were just two birds on a page. So I painted a vine to help join them together. I joined a watercolor mentors page on Facebook and received a lot of great ideas on how to make this painting look finished. Everyone said that the background flower in the center was too dark. I needed to lighten it up, but I just couldn’t get it to look right. Finally I painted over that one flower with white acrylic paint, which allowed me to redo it in a lighter shade of watercolor. All of my hard work paid off, because I received an honorable mention at the spring show. I am really happy with how the painting turned out, and thrilled to have received this recognition!

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