Poem and DP Challenge on Kids in Public

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Taking a Young Lady to a Play

As a special treat one fine day,

I asked my daughter to a play.

Granddaughter said she wants to go.

Thought a while before saying no.

Said yes, though she is only six.

Went online and purchased three tix.

My little Gwen, prim and proper,

Want’s to go, I should not stop her.

If she acts like a spoiled brat,

I’ll take her outside, that is that!

June Nash

I find when I take young children out to nice establishments that they often are better behaved than many of the adults.  It is up to the adult, escorting these children to events and venues, to teach the proper way to conduct themselves.  Maybe some of the adults who act disruptive would be better behaved if only they were taken places with their parents.  

Do you think adults who were exposed to culture, when young, by good adult role models are better mannered than they would have been if they didn’t get this exposure? 

Poem About my granddaughter

Kindergarten Basketball

There once was a girl who could run.

At basket ball, running, has fun.

Score, she has not yet.

Ball can’t reach the net.

Hands held high, defense plied, we won!

.                                    – June Nash

I felt compelled to write a quasi limerick about my granddaughter.  She is learning to play basketball.  I went to her game a few days ago.

The Park – A kid’s point of view

This poem was inspired by my granddaughter.  She loves playing in the park.

The Park – A kid’s point of view


To the park I want

To go this fine day

I must ask my aunt

To take me to play.


We’ll walk to the park,

Kick sticks as we go.

With chalk I will mark

An X and an O


Sliding down the slide,

Swinging on the swing,

Playing seek and hide,


My aunty said yes!

So glad she agrees.

Now I need to dress

In my dungarees.

It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask – Poem

My granddaughter was over the house today.  She asked me to put a swing set in the yard.  I couldn’t believe it!  She didn’t ask for a doll or a book, but a swing set!  That was too much!  She is so cute, but not THAT cute!

It Doesn’t Hurt To Ask


I know a girl she’s only five.

She’s all happy when I arrive.

I love this little granddaughter of mine.


For a swing set she asked today.

Said no, not my yard, go away!

Oh no, I am afraid.  Will she start to whine?


Then maybe a pool? She did coo,

At your house I’ve nothing to do.

Only five, yet she can talk such a line!


I baked some cookies, come lets eat!

Hoping to distract.  Take a seat.

How to get out of this may take some time.


You have books, dolls, balls and crayons,

Plenty things for you to play on.

She is such a sweetheart, takes it just fine.


Learning early in life I guess

If you ask, if you can impress,

You might get what you want. . . . If not, , , , you tried

–                   –  June Nash