Last Homework Assignment

Comic: Balloon
ink on plain paper
Color added with Pixelmator Pro
by June Nash

This is the last of my homework assignments for the class I took on Comics. Make a comic using a child, a balloon that comes to life somehow, and a park. I’m calling this comic, Balloon.

I enjoyed this short class of 5 sessions. I learned enough to be able to entertain myself, and hopefully others. I am figuring out ways to use what I have learned in other areas of my work, though haven’t actually tried them out yet. Things like storyline, and stick drawing sketches to get that story told.

Home from the Holy Lands

Sketch journal entry, St Jerome

I’m home from my tour of the holy lands. I didn’t get the chance to complete my sketch journal. We were constantly on the move! So I’ll be working on finishing it using the photos from my trip as a guide. The dates on the sketches won’t be when they were sketched, but instead, when the images were captured. Here is a sketch of the statue of St Jerome. St Jerome is best known for his translation of the Bible into Latin.