Poem about Being Alone


Always alone, but not really.

Feels so, but I’m being silly.

Surrounded always, by close friends,

And family. But me, who tends?


I am the rock, always steady

To give a hand, always ready.

Never cause worry in others

Listen to their problems, druthers.


They say I’m strong, never worry

That I’ll survive.  To me, blurry.

No one there, upon which to lean.

To expect such, is it so mean?


Not mean, such yearning isn’t cruel.

Imposing maybe, changing rule.

Asking for help, not in make up.

Should learn, be something I take up?


Not want to be told what to do

Just a friend to tell troubles to.

Someone, tell me I’m doing it right,

So I can rest peaceful at night.

June Nash

I believe we are all alone, everyone of us.  We all make decisions that affect our lives.  Delegating to others, the decision process, is also our own choice.  A choice I am not willing to take.  I want to be an active participant in my own life.  The price to pay for this, sometimes, is the feeling of being alone in the world.  

I am not alone, but. . . . 

Poem about Being a Loner

Solitary Life


Solitaire, a game for one.

My friends say, ‘you are no fun’.

I’m engaged, watching TV,

Reading books which set me free.


Solitaire, a game I’ve won.

Just imagine things I’ve done.

Closed inside, all by myself,

Like my books upon the shelf.


Solitaire, friends I have none,

Off together, me they shun.

Abandoned to my private,

Deep and dark, lonesome orbit.

–                        – June Nash