Poem: I’m A Weed

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I’m A Weed


I’m a weed, hearty and strong.

Went to school, didn’t belong.

Teachers want us pruned and tamed.

Tried to heed.  To sit still aimed.


I’m a weed.  My roots grew strong.

Teachers said ‘Doing it wrong!’.

Pushing through, inquisitive.

Weeds, it seems, quite intrusive.


I’m a weed, once a flower.

Over beds, my leaves tower.

In today’s garden, don’t fit in.

Is being different such a sin?

June Nash

We seem to live in an era where everyone is expected to fit into a mold.  Children who do not fit easily into these molds are often wonderful kids.  They are like weeds.  Wild flowers, they grow strong, even if a bit out of control.  These kids are our future.  We cannot pluck them out of our schools and toss them in the compost pile.  Or worse yet, spray them with poison to keep them under control.

Poem about Being Stood Up Again

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Being Stood Up Again

He said he’d come, be there by two.

Did not show, now what should she do?

Maybe he is just running late.

If so, perhaps, she needs to wait.


Sent him a text, then made a call.

No response, no answer at all.

Left a message, one not so nice

Happened before, this makes it thrice.


Treated like this, it’s an insult.

Poor relationship is result.

Never again will have a chance,

To stand her up, that is her stance.


She loves him still, wishes he’d call.

Sad to see how far they can fall.

To be in his life can’t refuse.

It is her son causing the blues.

June Nash

Poem and DP Challenge on Kids in Public

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Taking a Young Lady to a Play

As a special treat one fine day,

I asked my daughter to a play.

Granddaughter said she wants to go.

Thought a while before saying no.

Said yes, though she is only six.

Went online and purchased three tix.

My little Gwen, prim and proper,

Want’s to go, I should not stop her.

If she acts like a spoiled brat,

I’ll take her outside, that is that!

June Nash

I find when I take young children out to nice establishments that they often are better behaved than many of the adults.  It is up to the adult, escorting these children to events and venues, to teach the proper way to conduct themselves.  Maybe some of the adults who act disruptive would be better behaved if only they were taken places with their parents.  

Do you think adults who were exposed to culture, when young, by good adult role models are better mannered than they would have been if they didn’t get this exposure? 

Poem about Pumpkin Carving

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Pumpkin Carving

Halloween’s coming

It’s time to prepare.

Carve in a pumpkin

A face that will scare.

Just cut off the top

Dig in through the goo.

Creating monsters

So easy to do.

Take in hand sharp knife,

Carve out scary face.

Of mushy insides

Must leave a small trace.

Adding a candle

The final finesse.

Then leave to your mom

Cleaning up that mess.

June Nash

Poem about Starting A New Workout Plan

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The Workout Plan

Want to lose five pounds.

I shall start today

Now to remember,

What’d those experts say?

Eat a large breakfast.

Take some vitamins.

Stretch before work out.

If no pains, no wins.


Show up at the gym

An hour per day.

Get some work-out clothes,

Go shop on eBay.

Reduce calories,

Cutting out ice cream.

Must get out there now,

Lest run out of steam

Can’t go to the gym,

Too fat to fit in.

I’ll work out at home,

Until looking thin.

Popping vitamins.

Eating large breakfast.

Sipping my coffee.

I think, ‘Fit At Last!’.

Starting on stretches,

Reaching toward toes.

My warm up is done.

Should start I suppose.

Tired, drained, kaput,

But such a good start.

To keep up routine,

Do not have the heart.

Need a support group,

Somebody to cheer,

To keep me focused,

Help me get in gear.

None I know willing,

I’m left on my own.

Before got started,

Undertaking blown.

Never quit quitting,

Some day will be thin.

Need new strategy,

A tactic to win.

 Ice cream, two big scoops,

Will fight feelings blue.

Tomorrow shall start

Endeavors anew.

June Nash

This would be humorous if it wasn’t so true.  For me anyway.  I do not feel like I fit into the gym crowd when I am most in need of the facility.  Working out on my own, well. . . it just doesn’t seem to work.  I will not push myself.  

So… I drown my sorrows in a bowl of ice cream and think about how I can over come the obstacles.  I will try again, with a new plan, tomorrow.

Believe it or not, this post was inspired by a very good article on SociallyFitBlog called the Worst Workout Plan Ever.  The message on this blog was great.  My mind, however, travels down it’s own path when creating poetry.